Left Click to draw

Right Click to undo

Escape to pause and reset or recolor the mosaic (once it's tessellated)

Zellige is a relaxing virtual toy, an exploration of mosaics and tessellations in the style of traditional architecture from the Islamic world. Players are invited to fill the provided point-grid with as many shapes as they want, then to choose a color palette inspired by some of the most famous monuments and cities from across the Middle-East and Maghreb, and finally be presented with a completed mosaic based on their drawing. Players are then free to recolor this mosaic as many times as they want, or to reset the tiling and draw new shapes to tessellate.

Created for the NFTS Games Design and Development course by Louis Torres Tailfer, with original music by Aaron King.

Title screen and Hoopoe Games Logo by Alice Torres Tailfer


Zellige v1.1 (Web Build).zip 12 MB
Zellige v1.2 (Web).zip 12 MB

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